I enjoy presenting Lectures and Trunk Shows because it’s a perfect venue to share who I am as a quilt/wearable art designer. I’m most satisfied when, after a presentation, those in attendance spend time closely inspecting my things, asking questions and becoming inspired to create themselves.

Wear Your Art
This Trunk Show is a visual delight of my closet full of vests, jackets, dresses and complete ensembles. Includes my Fairfield Fashion Show ensembles.

 “Celebrating Life with Photo Transfer Quilts”
my son went to Ethiopia the summer 2001 and brought back thousands of pictures. After hours of playing on the design wall, a beautiful quilt was made and that brought tears to my son’s eyes. A great new technique with wonderful possibilities, slides and wall quilts.

Creative Techniques for Wearables
This lecture is based upon Jenny’s book by the same title. Selected techniques will be detailed through visuals and slides. Jenny has a strong background in teaching, applying and understanding clothing construction and is anxious to share how she creates her one-of-a-kind wearables.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Spectacular Star
Lecture on the art of designing spectacular star blocks. Visuals and slides as well as discussion of available books, notions and tools.

Creative Quilt Projects for Children in the Classroom
As the Education Chairman for the Nebraska State Quilt Guild, Jenny has developed several programs to be used with children in the public schools. The current program is “Discover Nebraska,” a Quilting/Social Studies unit used in the 4th grade. Information shared on other data gleaned from guilds around the country. Visuals and slides enhance this presentation.

Decorating with Quilts
Come away with great ideas for decorating with Quilts all year long, celebrating the different holidays and times that make life special. For your added pleasure, ideas for wreaths, centerpeices, using home dried fruit, entertaining ideas and more. Slide presentation.

A Quilt is a Forever Garden
Outside the human aspect, I have two great loves–quilting and gardening. After years of development, Jenny has extensive landscaping and gardens at her home. She created her flower garden as you would a quilt, incorporating color, visual texture, placement and random order. Presentation includes quilts and slides

Lectures/Trunk Show with Workshop: $300.00
Lectures/Trunk Show without Workshop: $400.00

Hosting group will be responsible for round trip expenses and all housing and meals accommodations. All other needs will be listed in the contract.